1080 Quantum Syncro

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    The Ultimate Performance Solution

    Quantum Syncro consists of two Quantum machines placed side by side for dual cable action. A purpose built smith machine is integrated for safe execution of especially demanding protocols such as isokinetic squats, single leg jump squats or supramaximal eccentric squats. When the syncro mode is activated, the resistance of both machines is integrated and controlled from a single display. The measurement function will show the total output from a barbell exercise, or be Left/Right separated for movements such as a bilateral chest fly.  This provides full flexibility to perform and assess any type of exercise or rehabilitation protocol. The data gives the user direct feedback on the level of output and symmetry in each repetition.

    For full flexibility, the Quantum Syncro is easily separated into two independent Quantum single cable machines. In any configuration, you are always able to safely and independently control resistance and speed in the concentric and eccentric phase while measuring force and power throughout the movement.

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    Full Range Of Tests And Exercises

    The range of applications possible with Quantum Syncro is practically endless. Utilizing the 5 meters (15 feet) cable lengths, any horizontally or diagonally loaded exercise is easy to implement. This includes lunges, pushes, pulls and rotations using hand grips, or attaching the cable on a hip belt or vest for specific loading patterns.

    Single or repetitive jumps may be performed by selecting the desired cable angle and connecting the athlete to a hip belt.

    Vertical displacement exercises such as squats and presses are easily performed with the smith bar using the force capacity from both machines simultaneously.

    The Force Plate With Resistance

    Do you have a force plate with resistance? Now you will. A force plate can measure the vertical and horizontal force with great accuracy but it cannot load the system. Set up the 1080 Quantum for vertical jumps and measure force and speed characteristics at different loads. Use the measurements to evaluate max effort in single jumps or the speed and power endurance over a series of jumps.  Easy, practical and very useful.

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    2-50 kg (2-110 lbs) of continuous concentric load + bar and weights

    1-60 kg (2-132 lbs) of continuous eccentric load + bar and weights

    2-100 kg (4-220 lbs) of continuous concentric load + bar and weights with Gear 2

    2-120 kg (4-265 lbs) of continuous eccentric load + bar and weights with Gear 2

    Maximum con/ecc load, with bar/no weights, during 3 seconds: 175 kg (386 lbs), 325 kg (717 lbs) with Gear 2

    Concentric velocity: 0.1–8 m/s (0.3-26 ft/s)

    Eccentric velocity: 0.1–6 m/s (0.3-20 ft/s)

    In Gear 2 maximum speed is halved

    Recorded frequency of force, speed and power: 333 Hz

    Tablet with touch screen interface or laptop

    Operating system: Windows 10

    Weight: 180 kg (400 lbs) each column

    Body height: 1.7 m (5.6 ft)

    Max cable travel: 5 m (16 ft)