1080 Quantum

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    1080 Quantum represents a new era of resistance training

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    Research Grade Testing, Training And Rehabilitation

    1080 Quantum is a sophisticated system for performance training, testing, rehabilitation and research. Validated by scientists in professional sports training, the system is proven to be more effective than traditional methods.

    The power lies in our patented technology where resistance level, mode and speed are provided by an electric motor. This creates a unique ability to safely and independently control resistance and speed in the concentric and eccentric phase while measuring force and power throughout the movement. Training modality and intensity can, therefore, be optimized to the individual athlete and movement pattern. All controls are accessed and operated via a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

    The ability to test and train while at the same time document and get real-time feedback on physical output is invaluable for any trainer or health care professional when implementing a training or rehabilitation program.


    1080 Quantum Overview

    Unparalleled versatility and accuracy for evaluating and developing force, speed and acceleration.

    A wide range of functional tests and exercises can be performed with 1080 Quantum. The adjustable arm with a 5-meter cable ensures the optimal loading angle for any movement pattern. Load the athlete vertically, horizontally or diagonally using grips, belts, vests or other attachments. Provide the optimal resistance in traditional exercises or create scenarios tailored to specific sports or rehabilitation needs.

    It’s All About Power

    Power quantifies the interaction between force and speed. This relationship is the key to any type of physical performance. This basic concept has been recognized for decades since physiologist A. Hill was awarded the Nobel Prize for this fundamental discovery.

    1080 Quantum is the only system of its kind where both speed and resistance can be instantly and dynamically controlled within a single repetition. The implication is that Hill’s force-velocity principle can for the first time be applied to its full extent in testing, training and rehabilitation. This capability opens a new paradigm for training effectiveness, precision and individualization.

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