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Every organisation, whether a small club or a large association, faces challenges related to the practical management, coordination, decision making and general non-profit business issues on a daily basis. 

Every coach, whether semi-professional or professional, face similar challenges when it comes to the practical aspects of planning and periodisation or when it comes to the organisation of tournaments, reporting money and events, or even managing memberships fees.

Every player, no matter their level, wants to become better and further develop their personality and badminton skills.

We dared to dream big and brought together some unique IT solutions used in various sports and businesses so all organisations can benefit from them. 

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Odoo is the best management software to run a Club, Association or Federation.

Millions of happy users in the business World work better with our integrated Apps. 

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Visualcoaching PRO

Visualcoaching PRO is professional software for planning and periodisation which simplifies the coaches work and helps with tracking the data in a useful and professional way. 
Now fully ready for the needs of all level coaches and players.

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Firstbeat Sports

Firstbeat software allows consistent HRV and HR, on and off court monitoring of all of your Badminton athletes. The user-friendly interface uses the data in a unique way and allows the coaches to take key decisions in no time.