IT solutions for each Size

Imagine you are working in an Association which you want to manage in a highly professional matter and you want to monitor your coaches in a better way, but not only, you want to give them a system step by step to follow, as well as give them the opportunity to grow. You want as well to provide professional planning and periodisation, education and help for your athletes and young coaches. 

Sounds, like a dream, right? 

Combining different systems, that's actually possible. 

We have successfully implemented Odoo ERP, in combination with Visualcoaching Pro and Firstbeat Monitoring, creating an ultimate solution for non-profit organisations giving them the chance to act as a highly professional organisation with much less hassle and solving a great number of challenges. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

ERP for the Non-profit Organisations

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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Planning & Periodisation

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

HR and HRV in real time

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