Hygro box TYPE 132-1

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    A Hygro-box can do a lot for you: 

    Shuttlecocks last 50 – 80 % longer. 

    The club can reduce the purchasing of shuttlecocks with 25 to 40%.

    The savings ensures a rapid return on investment.

    Shuttlecocks with the right humidity and weight create a better play.

    The Hygro-Box is easy to operate, maintain and has a shallow energy 

    consumption (avg. 0.36 kWh per day).

    TYPE 132-1 

    Height 54 x 60 x 186 cm

    Storage of 132 dozen Shuttlecocks 

    (annually consumption of 250-500 dozen)

    3 separate, lockable sections

    Hygro-boxes are equipped with an electronic moisture control system with a digital reading of the desired and actual relative humidity, and operating status.

    The box doors are fitted with handles with lock and come standard with four keys. The same key is used for both doors by double boxes.

    The cabinets are sectioned and can be locked individually with padlocks (optional). 

    The number of sections depends on the model/size.