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Professional Badminton Solutions

Our slogan says it all! Our goal is to provide all the necessary services and products for badminton athletes, coaches and organisations of any size

AROX was created with the idea to bridge the gap between everyone involved in badminton (coaches, players, managers) and solve the practical challenges and problems which occur on a daily basis.

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For Athletes

Unique solutions and products targeting professional and semi-professional athletes

For Coaches

Unique solutions and products targeting professional and semi-professional coaches

For Organisations

Specialised products and solutions for any type of non-profit badminton related Organisations

IT solutions

IT solutions

We are one of the few companies on the market for IT solutions which offers complete solutions for Sports organisations, coaches and players.

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Education & Consulting


We offer unique courses and services for coaches, players and organisers. Our goal is clear - to create unique opportunities for professional development for everyone involved in the badminton.  

Educational Commerce

E(du) - commerce

We experienced in all areas that the user is only as good as his knowledge of the product or the service. This is why we created a new type of e-commerce with integrated tutorials, courses and much more.  

Thailand Camp 2019

Our fantastic camp in Bangkok during the Easter Holidays. 

Summer Camp 2019

Our preparation camp for going in the season 2019-2020. Get ready!