Thailand camp 2019

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A place of culture and friendship through badminton

To have a great badminton camp is not easy. It is a mixture of great everyday training together with amazing social activities during the week. 

This is what makes Thailand, not only the land of smiles but the land of excellent badminton culture and development. 

You will have everyday 2 to 3 badminton sessions, according to which groups you are in, and at the same time, you will have enough time for socialisation and extra activities. 

At the same time, there are few dedicated coaches, who will take care of the topics out of the sessions, as well as the practical organisation of the day. 

Development beyond anything

When you are part of a culture like the culture in Banthongyord or with Coach Dii, you will mention that the development doesn't stop in the hall. 

You will meet great people, interested to help and support you through every step. That's where the development is beyond anything...

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Odoo • Image and Text

YONEX-ROZA BTY Junior International Challenge 2019

All players attending the camp in the 3rd week will have the chance to play the tournament at the same time in Banthongyord. The training sessions in this week are going to be moved to MCP Badminton Club. 

The tournament is NOT mandatory, but it is a great experience and we believe one of the great reasons to come to the camp in Thailand. 

Highly competitive group

Few tournaments and training sessions organised specially for you. Coach from Germany, travelling with the group of Thailand (MCP group). You can book the deposit for the camp and we will organise everything else for you.

Just write to us at: 
[email protected]

Training and Participating group

One to 3 weeks of training sessions, a lot of fun and participation in the Banthongyord Tournament 2019. You can just book the training weeks and consider that the week of the tournament there will be a special training schedule. 



The deposit for the camp is NOT returnable. Please, consider this. The deposit will be deducted from the full price for the camp.
In this case, you will receive two invoices, one for the deposit and one for the rest of the payment.  
Everyone HAVE TO HAVE insurance in case of an accident and if the return to the home country is necessary. 
Separated insurance in case of illness is mandatory
IMPORTANT! Make sure with the personal doctor that all immunisations are covered for the country of Thailand. 


You are fully responsible for the visa for Thailand if you need such. Any costs connected with a visa are completely covered by the player. Please, check in advance all requirements for the Visa before you book the flights. PLEASE, take a special look for the expiry of your passport!  MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS is REQUIRED!


You need to have all badminton related things (rackets, shoes, t-shirts, shorts, etc.). We recommend 2 pairs of shoes and a lot of t-shirts and shorts. Please, consider that every player will prepare his washing on his/her own, as well as will self-organise for the training. Food is organised in the hall, but the cost is NOT included in the price.  During week 3 (21-28th of April), there will be a special tournament in Banthongyord (BTY), so the training schedule will be different as will be in MCP Badminton Club. Please, consider week 3 mainly as a competitive tournament week. 

According to the group which you will be assigned, you will have min 2 and max 3 training sessions a week. The decision which group you are going to join will depend on the Thailand coaches and will be taken together with us. Our goal is to put every player in the most relevant group to her/his level.


Flights are NOT included in the prices on our website. The flight booking is done directly with FBI travel agency or through us (you will need to write to us or call us for enquiry). Please, give them the information about which weeks you want to travel and they will book the flights for you. The arrival and departure day is always Sunday, so you will start on Saturday and arrive on Sunday as well as you will start on Sunday and arrive Monday in Germany (or the rest of Europe). FOR ALL KIDS under 16 years of age, please contact us so we can make sure that there is a responsible adult accompanying them (normally one of the responsible coaches). 


Support of a local German/English speaking coach. Every group will have a person (a coach) who takes care for our players as part of the camp in BTY. 
All training sessions, shuttles and coaching during the sessions are included. Please, consider that we are official guests of BTY and we are part of their training environment and structure. Many times we wouldn't be able to change the structure of the training, but we can influence a large part of it. 

The transportation from and to the airport is included. 

There are few things which you will have to consider: 
FOOD and DRINKS: you will have to pay the food on your own. Most likely you will need something between 5-10 EUR per day. The most times all players will have the breakfast, lunch and dinner at the centres of BTY or MCP Badminton club, but each week we will have the opportunity to go to shopping mall or a market, and it is good to consider a bit more money for those days for food and shopping; 

Washing: washing, washing powder and everything connected with the daily hygienic is not included; 

Stringing and all other extra services

Medication, supplements; We will have our own pharmacy bag with all kinds of basic medications in case anyone gets sick. However, only a doctor could prescribe those medications and the available doctor in BTY could do that. Please, consider that every player must have consent from the parents so we can go with him/her to the doctor. 

Transportation: the transportation between the training centre and shopping malls, or markets, is not included. 

- Entry fees for any of the tournaments; 


Normally being sick in Thailand is not that different than being sick in Europe. 
We will help you get to the doctor and be checked. Again, please consider that you need to have extra insurance for that. 
If any of the athletes gets sick and needs to stay in a hospital, we will help to organise everything. Again, if you don't have insurance about this, it could result in very high costs! 

In case, an athlete gets injured we will help with the organisation of the physio as well as the visit of a doctor (if necessary). If the player decided to go back earlier than the arranged flights, all costs have to be covered extra. Again, extra insurance is highly recommended!


After some years of in the organisation of International camps, we strongly recommend: 

- have ADAC membership and insurance (Auslandskrankenschutz); 
- book cancellation insurance (ADAC Reiserücktritts-Versicherung is good enough); 
- make a checklist with everything, so you don't forget something; 
CHECK ESPECIALLY your PASSPORT validity and what kind of VISA do you require. Normally most of the EU countries get a 30 days visa on arrival which will be enough; 
- Have a debit/credit card so you can withdraw money. Many times this is cheaper than changing EUR to BAHT (the Thai currency); 

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