From 28.09 to 10.11.2019 in Bathongyord Badminton School  

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We target to provide the best customisation and individualisation from the typical European mentality. Every player gets his own players account in our Planning and Periodisation system (Visualcoaching PRO) and his own HR monitor and account (Firstbeat system). Based on those two, we will give every player its own players profile so there is a clear idea what to develop and work after the camp from our point of view. 

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Some of the Worlds best coaches and training groups (no matter the level). Our Thai partners are very experienced in integrating foreigners and adjusting the training load and intensity. Every player will be a part of the system and the family of Banthongyord Badminton School. We can ensure that after the camp every player will have a very different view of the World Top level and it will be very clear how to train like one of them. 

The goal of the camp is the development and targets the high-motivated players and coaches. 

We understand the different training methods and cultures in both Europe and in Asia and our main goal is to create a new type of a camp where we merge both of them into something better especially designed for European players and their training needs and environment. 

Testing and measurement before and after the camp 


Knowing the situation before and after the camp give you a complete picture of what is the weakest issues on and what has been improved during the camp. We are going to use mobility testing, strength and conditioning tests as well as specialised tests on the court. 

complete profiling during the camp Diaries, Hr and HRV data


During the camp, you will have an assigned coach from our team (AROX) to complete your own individual profile.

This will give you a lot of information over your mental, physical, technical and tactical areas. 

Get back home the results and use it with our recommendations


Based on the profile and the testing as well as over the observations of the responsible coach, you will receive an official feedback recommendation of the areas which we think and perceive need improvement. With specific plans and suggestions of programs as well. 

Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns

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We are able to book the flights for you and for the purpose, we can give you individual quotation if you are NOT flying from Frankfurt (Germany). We are working with a travel agency and we are applying their prices for this. 

The accommodation is inlcuded in the price of the training sessions. The base of accommodation is provided by BTY and it is the common base they use for accommodating foreigner players. 

The Price of the camp is without the food. The main reason is that we have organise the places and the times for the food, but because of the variety is quite large and the prices are much lower compared to Europe, we decided that it doesn't make sense to have the price of the food included. 

We strongly recommend that every player and coach have their own Individual health and travel insurances for the trip. We request this information before the flights, as it is quite important to have it as early as possible. 

Being sick in Thailand is not difference than beng sick in Europe. Of course, there are few things to take care of. The very important thing is to have an additional health Insurance. For our German customers, we can recommend ADAC. For our UK, Danish and French customers, we will recommend to look for the possibilities in the local country. 

If you get sick, we will assist with everything possible. There is all the time 24/7 a person reachable who willl bring you to the hospital and help with all practicalities. 

Normally you will need to pay the examination which price is between 20 - 50 EUR and you can get them fully back from your additional health insurance. 

As part of the camp you will be placed in a group in BTY according to the following creterias: level (as better level as higher the group), results (if you have some international results this will influence the group as well), training quality and physical endurance (as the training quality is highly valuable in Thailand). 

Our purpose is to find the best training group so every player can develop. It is possible that in the physical training you can join one kind of a training group and in the technical or on court training you will join completely another group. 

As ordering the tickets, you agree that we as coaches, together with the Thailand coaches and you, will find the best possible group according to the above described parameters. 

Our goal for this camp is to provide enough relevant and quality data related with the training and lifestyle outside of the training. 

At the start of the camp every player will be tested in direction body composition and mobility. Afterwards, this data will be transfered to the daily practices and into the visualcoaching profiles every player and coach will have. At the end of the camp we will also complete specific tests which allows us to measure the development of specific parameters during the camp - like VO2max, TRIMP score, recovery ratio and many more. Those parameters are only going to be shared with the player specifically and with his parents, quardians if the player is under 18 years of age. 

This data could be extrodinary helpful for all home coaches, so if the players wants, we could send this data to the responsible coaches and help interprate it correctly. 

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Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 6 for three columns