Badminton workshop

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Badminton workshop

Proposed by Stefan Ljutzkanov

Many years we used all kind of elastic resistance to improve badminton specific movement on court, power and speed.

This era is over, thanks to 1080 Motion robotics!

We can now improve speed, power, endurance in the most optimal way of the contrast training methodology. 

About The Author

Stefan is professional badminton coach, specialised in strength and conditioning as well as mental coaching for badminton. 

During the years, he has searched all kind of different ways to improve the performance of his athletes and through systemised research, he successfully has implemented different methods never used in badminton before. 

Stefan Ljutzkanov

Practical Info

02/08/2019 16:00 (Europe/Berlin)
1 hour
HHG Badminton Halle 2