Based on the coaching experience of the experts from our own team, we learned that all tools or sets of skills are only as good as the coach can actually teach them to the different auditorium. This is why we decided to change our educational concept completely.

Our main goal is to bring all practical knowledge on the court or in the hall and transfer all theoretical knowledge online. In our online Learning Management System (LMS) you will have the opportunity to teach and enter homework as well as film a video and upload it when required. We will give you feedback on every section of the LMS.

With practical sessions fully on court and teaching transferred as much as possible online, our company allows coaches and students to focus on what really matters.

A new type of Education - Hybrid, Onside (offline) and Fully Online

Online, Hybrid and Off-side coaching courses for Clubs, Associations, Federations. This all is just a small part of the new up-coming educational courses powered by Thinkific, Visualcoaching and Arox.